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New Books
First cut : a novel
The beauty in breaking : a memoir
The Black cathedral
Precious you : a novel
House on endless waters : a novel
The great unknown
88 names : a novel
The evil men do
The body double
Privilege : a novel
The same but different too
Wherever I go
Crocodiles need kisses too
The operator : a novel
August : a novel
Daughter from the dark : a novel
Verge : stories
Death in the family
Eden mine
The woman in the veil
The antidote for everything
Grace is gone : a novel
Real life
The opposite of fate
The exhibition of Persephone Q
The little bookshop on the Seine
Revolver road
Trinity sight : a novel
Independence Square : a novel
The Grace Kelly dress : a novel
Garbage or recycling?
Heroes on the home front
Camp clique
A guard dog named Honey
Secret mission: Guam
In focus ... scary bugs
Blue Bay mystery
Freaky in Fresno
LEGO Star wars character encyclopedia